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GUI Central started in 2010 as some kind of central station idea. Obviously the outlook has changed.
Throughout these pages, you will find screenshots of various graphical user interfaces and operating systems that I have been able to get my hands on.

New additions:

NewBeOS 5 Personal Edition
NewHaiku Alpha 4.1

NewLinux Mint Debian Edition 2
NewPoseidon Linux 3.1

NewWindows Server 2003
NewWindows Embedded POSReady 2009
NewWindows "Longhorn" Build 5231
NewWindows "Longhorn" Build 5600
NewWindows "Longhorn" Build 5840
NewWindows 10 "Anniversary Edition"


No new modifications right now

If you find anything on here that doesn’t work like it should or have any suggestions/screenshots, feel free to shoot me an email. Note, however, that if it doesn’t have something meaningful in the title line, it will be sent to my spam folder.
With that said, enjoy!

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