STOP Cyberbullying!

What it is and how we can stop it.

Say NO to cyberbullying

What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is the use of the internet to spread deliberate and harmful message with the intention of hurting the recipient.
Examples of this are:

Most of the time, the person being cyberbullied does not want to tell anyone, for fear that "it will make the situation worse". Parents do not learn about the situation until it's too late.

Cyberbullying and Social Networking sites

Myspace Facebook Youtube

Most teenagers go online and use social networking sites, such as Facebook, Myspace, etc, to communicate with each other.
Let's take Myspace for example. Myspace allows people to create their own "profile", without charge, and post their own photos, comments, videos, and information. YouTube is another one, allowing people to post videos and comments. According to Myspace, in 2007 22% of it's users are 18 or younger.
The problem is that the internet is a vast, and ever expanding public place. People are not monitored and can create websites that are not monitored. As such, anyone can unknowingly give away private information to spammers, pedophiles, and pornographists, to name a few.
Myspace will cooperate n shutting down profiles that are used to harass another person.

What can you do to help?

Bullying stops here

Your safety on the internet

Nothing you do on the internet will be foolproof. There are however ways you can protect your identity and significantly lessen the chance of becoming a victim of threatening and vicious messages.

Never, NEVER, give away personal information like addresses, email addresses, phone numbers (whether it's a cell number or a home number), passwords, PIN numbers, etc.
When choosing a username for yourself, use one that you and your friends recognize, but strangers will not.
Passwords are meant to be secret. Never share them with anyone for any reason, even if asked. Set up email accounts with a trusted adult. Do not respond to any threatening comments, emails, etc.

If you are a cyberbullying victim

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