Computer TypeIBM Thinkpad T42p
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Photo of laptop when lid is openedPhoto of laptop when lid is closed

Acquired from a trash bin, I had no real high expectations for this one. It is quite possibly the most used laptop I have ever owned, and I didn't even get a power supply with it. Surprisingly, with a new hard drive, it came right back to life, and has been working ever since. I am currently using it as a spare laptop in case my T61 is forced back into a main computer role or stops working itself (which it has done a couple of times).

This system is suffering from motherboard issues. After it has been powered on for a while the screen goes blank and all functionality is lost. It is still semi-usable, however it needs repairs. As of August 2015, I have parked this system in favor of a Sony Vaio, although there is a chance it will return to its former glory at some point.

Notable Information

Processor: Intel Pentium M @ 1.8 GHz
Hitachi 80 GB hard drive, as well as a DVD-RW drive.
Display: 14 inch 4*3/1600*1200 (failing backlight though)
The keyboard looks as though someone took a lighter to the keys, but it does still completely work.
OS: Windows Server 2008 [formerly Windows 7 Professional 32-bit]
Current status: Temporarily retired, awaiting repair.

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