Computer TypeLenovo Thinkpad T410
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Photo of T410 in its former location

In December, the situation arose where my brother needed to replace his laptop since the display broke. At the time I gave him my Powerbook G4 as a temporary replacement until we could get a new laptop. However,when I checked the used laptop pages, I saw a couple that I liked and then raised noise that I wanted to replace my T500, which is still working fine. Miraculously I ended up actually getting the new one, and shifting my T500 to portable duty, with my old T61 replacing the G4 as his main computer.
This is by far the best notebook I have owned thus far. It has everything I have ever needed, and then some. The display is great, the processor performance is so much better, and it has a 64-bit OS loaded so I can take advantage of my 8 gigs of RAM!

For those that will probably criticize this setup, I would love to simplify the hard drive configuration down quite a bit, but I do not have the money at this point in time.

As of June 2016, this machine has been replaced by the T430.

Notable Information

Processor: Intel Core i5-520m @ 2.4 GHz
Has an AData SX900 SSD.
Display: 14 inch/1280*800 LED-backlit
Just uses the internal keyboard and mouse
OS: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
Current status: In use as a secondary computer.

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