Computer TypeToshiba Satellite Pro 420CDT
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Photo of laptop when lid is openedPhoto of laptop when lid is closed

The closest I have come to one of my early childhood machines. It's not quite the 430CDT I used to have, but rather it is the model down. It's in better condition though. Plus, it is all original! I like these particular Toshibas because they have the integrated power supplies, so not only was there no huge "brick on a leash" to carry around, but it didn't suffer from the design flaw that the ones with external bricks had. This one is also loaded up with Windows 95, like mine was.

Notable Information

Processor: Intel Pentium @ 100 MHz
RAM: 8 MB Onboard+32 MB EDO DRAM card
1.2 GB Toshiba IDE hard drive
Display: 11"/1024*768.
Machine is yellowed due to exposure to UV light over the years, and one of the port doors won't close, but it is in immaculate condition otherwise.
OS: MS-DOS 6.22/Windows 3.11 for Workgroups [formerly Windows 95 OSR-2 "95B"]
Current status: Museum Piece.

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