Computer TypeMacintosh Powerbook 520c
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This one was recieved in June 2010 along with both a Powerbook 180 and an iMac G3/350, which was picked up later on. This one was obviously torn apart at some point and not put back together properly, as several screws are missing. It does have the original power supply however, but the hard drive failed in a power cut.

Notable Information

Processor: Motorola 68LC040 @ 25 MHz
RAM: 4/12? MB Onboard, if 4 MB it has an 8 MB add-on card, if not it just has the 12 onboard.
Had a 320 MB IBM SCSI drive, but it failed and I haven't found a replacement.
Display: 9.5" 8-bit color DSTN.
Missing screws, but complete and it did work.
OS: None [Formerly Mac OS 7.5.5]
Current status: Sidelined due to the lack of a hard drive.

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