Computer TypeMacintosh Powerbook 180
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This one was recieved in June 2010 along with both a Powerbook 520c and an iMac G3/350, which was picked up later on. The machine itself is in pretty decent condition for being used in an educational environment, however the original power supply was lost and a crude replacement was put in it's place. This replacement didn't fit the socket properly.

Notable Information

Processor: Motorola 68030 @ 33 MHz
RAM: 4 MB Onboard+10 MB add-in card
Had a 120 MB IBM SCSI drive, but it failed and I haven't found a replacement.
Display: 9" 16-bit greyscale TFT.
Machine is in good condition for a PB100 series computer, but the trackball is slightly worn.
OS: None [Formerly Mac OS 7.5.3]
Current status: Sidelined due to the lack of a hard drive.

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