Computer TypeSamsung ML-1675
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Photo of ML1675 when it was in use

I got this thing in 2011 to replace an old Canon inkjet printer, since I needed a much better print speed and job capacity than that old inkjet could offer. This thing served me well over the years (even with the toner cartridges that cost double what the printer did!), but it's ultimate downfall was the fact that I would let it sit around for weeks or months, and then print off a 200 or so (condensed to 20) page manual or two, which stressed out the rollers and eventually caused them to crack and not work properly. It was replaced with my Laserjet Pro P1102w.

Notable Information

Type: Laser printer
Resolution: 1200 DPI
Color depth:
Lamp/medium type: Toner powder
Feeder(s): Input tray only
Served it's purpose.
Current status: In storage.

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