Computer TypeD-Link EBR-2310
Home OfficeConnectTEW-432BRP532h-2807Versa 6030xVersa 62307020CT753DFTecra 8000Tecra 8100Tecra 8200A900AL1706F5D8233-4D530 CMTOpti. 755CPx J750GTDGS-108Dim. 5150DI-604 #1DI-604 #2Corega 8pE790EBR-2310Perfe. 1250Evo D510PCG-FR130NM SpiritHL-L2360DWLaserJetG3/350G3/600IntelliStationLM M133STML-1675541cA1320nPowerbook 180Powerbook 520cPowerbook G4Pentium DSat. Pro 420CDTT400T410T42pT430T500T61Zenith XTZ433D
Photo of unit's front, showing indicatorsPhoto of unit's rear, showing ports

Found with the two DI-604s, I was originally going to use it as part of my home network. Unfortunately it would have been completely useless in that task, since I could not get the WAN port to pass through any signals to the devices on the network, despite being able to connect it.

Notable Information

Wireless Technology: None
Wired Technology: 10/100
Frequency (if wireless):
Encryption types (if applicable):
WAN port does not work, but everything else does.
Current status: In storage.

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