Computer TypeD-Link DI-604 #2
Home OfficeConnectTEW-432BRP532h-2807Versa 6030xVersa 62307020CT753DFTecra 8000Tecra 8100Tecra 8200A900AL1706F5D8233-4D530 CMTOpti. 755CPx J750GTDGS-108Dim. 5150DI-604 #1DI-604 #2Corega 8pE790EBR-2310Perfe. 1250Evo D510PCG-FR130NM SpiritHL-L2360DWLaserJetG3/350G3/600IntelliStationLM M133STML-1675541cA1320nPowerbook 180Powerbook 520cPowerbook G4Pentium DSat. Pro 420CDTT400T410T42pT430T500T61Zenith XTZ433D
Photo of unit's front, showing indicatorsPhoto of unit's rear, showing ports

This was seemingly pitched in an upgrade. Everything about it works fine from what it looks like. I used to have both this and a second one to replace my Trendnet wireless router in my networking setup, but those have since been taken out of service in favor of this thing.

Notable Information

Wireless Technology: None
Wired Technology: 10/100
Frequency (if wireless):
Encryption types (if applicable):
It is only 10/100, but it seems to work perfectly.
Current status: In storage.

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