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This was a scrap find, along with my Tecra 8000. It was really crappy looking when I got it, and I originally was just going to send it back to the bin it came from, but after seeing how well it actually worked and how good of a condition it was inside, I decided to put some time into it. All the gunk and crud on the outside (especially the pencil marks) came off when cleaned. Yes it has scratches all over it, but it is in passable condition now.

This system has had it's power jack re-soldered due to a common problem with all of the Toshiba laptops utilizing the same style external power "brick".

Notable Information

Processor: Intel Pentium III @ 500 MHz
40 GB Hitachi Travelstar, and a CD-ROM drive.
Display: 14? inch/1024*768
It has signs of use, but it isn't in that bad of shape.
OS: Windows XP Professional
Current status: In use displaying screensavers for my live streaming activities.

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