Computer TypeToshiba Tecra 8000
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Another scrap pickup, obtained at the same time as it's product-line successor, the Tecra 8100. Much older, has a Pentium II instead of a PIII, seems to have a busted DIMM slot (which was common to these kinds of machines, a solder joint always breaks), and there was nothing on the hard drive, but that didn't stop me from getting it working. The drivers are still available, but getting the two I needed (video and audio) were quite difficult, and I ended up having to use the generic drivers instead of the Tecra ones.

This system is currently suffering from serious lock-up issues after being powered on for a minute or so. It's intermittent, and usually letting the system warm up solves the issue. I suspect either the hard drive or the motherboard is the culprit.

Notable Information

Processor: Intel Pentium II @ 300 MHz
10 GB IBM DJSA-210 Travelstar [formerly a 10 GB Toshiba MK1011GAV (FAILED)]
Display: 14? Inch/1024*768
In amazing condition for it's age.
OS: antiX Linux 13.2 and Windows NT 4 Workstation
Current status: Museum piece.

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