Computer TypeToshiba Portege 7020CT
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Photo of laptop when lid is openedPhoto of laptop when lid is closed

Found in a drawer along with an NEC laptop. Since both were going to be trashed, I decided that I wanted them and asked. Miraculously I was able to take them home with me, and I am glad that I did.

Unlike the NEC, which was in near perfect condition with all the documentation, this one was not. I did have the power supply and the docking station, but this one has seen a little bit of use (the keyboard is slightly worn), and I got no documentation or restore discs to use on it. Plus, the docking station needed a new CD-ROM drive (which I thankfully was able to track down). Fortunately, after all that the machine does work, and golly gee whiz does that docking station ever PUMP OUT the sound! It would make a great party computer!

Notable Information

Processor: Intel Pentium II @ MHz
6 GB Toshiba (of course) hard drive
Display: 13.3"/1024*768 TFT.
Not in spectacular condition, but pretty nice nonetheless.
OS: Windows 98 Second Edition
Current status: Mainly a museum piece, but also used as a second music computer from time to time.

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