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Photo of laptop when lid is openedPhoto of laptop when lid is closed

Acquired due to it's immaculate condition. I have everything with this one, including all documentation and restore CDs. Unfortunately the hard drive had to be replaced with another one since the original drive was upgraded to an IBM Portable Deathstar (aka Travelstar) which did what so many of them are doing, and that is FAILING! At first I stuffed in a 40 GB Hitachi, which required the use of OnTrack since the BIOS only supports a max of an 8.4 GB drive. Then I downgraded it to another Travelstar (!!!) in a much better health state.

Notable Information

Processor: Intel Pentium @ 233 MHz
RAM: I actually don't even know...
10 GB IBM Travelstar IDE hard drive, and a 4x CD-ROM (again, no floppy)
Display: 13"/1024*768 TFT.
The machine is in amazing condition. It's as if it was used a few times and shoved into a drawer and not touched since then.
OS: Windows 95 OSR-2
Current status: Display piece.

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