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Photo of laptop when lid is openedPhoto of laptop when lid is closed

Picked literally off the side of the road, it was sitting on top of a sorry looking modern VCR. Even had a power supply, which is total junk. I had slim hopes for this one, and mainly grabbed it for parts for my Versa 6230. Even the power button is missing! Imagine my surprise when I plugged in the 6230's power supply, grabbed a screwdriver and actuated what was left of the sliding power switch (do NOT try that at home!) and the crazy thing powered up and began working! Of course I erased it and ended up installing Windows 3.1 on it from CD-ROM no less.

Notable Information

Processor: Intel Pentium @ 133 MHz
RAM: 64 MB PC100? Might be using EDO but I haven't looked into it.
1 GB IBM Travelstar IDE hard drive, and a 1x CD-ROM (no floppy drive)
Display: 13 or so inch/1024*768.
The case is pretty much destroyed at the back, and it's difficult to open as a result. It looks like it was dropped on it's corner.
OS: MS-DOS 6.22 + Windows 3.1
Current status: Museum piece.

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