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This site was created way back in 2009, and when it first came out I was using Frontpage, and I had created a whole wonderful site, some of which dealt with fire alarms which inspired my domain name.

Later on I moved to Coffeecup Free, and I haven't looked back. In the beginning I didn't use PHP or CSS or even Javascript, and it was all really hokey (I had a background image set that was over 500k in size). My GUI gallery was the first thing (after the initial frontpage stuff) that I had up here, and it has been up and down over the years.

Then I expanded into CSS, then PHP, and then finally javascript. I watched my site grow even more complex, but as of this writing I have decided to simplify it a great deal down as there is way too much that can go wrong.

This site is not hosted locally, rather it is on a Linux server in a datacenter in Phoenix, Arizona (hence the MST timezone and "America/Phoenix" all over everything). I have had plans to perhaps try and get it hosted locally, however that would cost way more money than I am willing to spend.

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