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Brad fiddling with a paper DO NOT ENTER sign

I'm sure that each and every single one of you reading this page wants to know a little bit about me. That photo to the right is from three years ago. You can also look at this photo which is not only of me around the age of 13, but it is also much better crafted. Maybe at some point I'll take yet another.

Because of this page's tendency to get out of date really quickly, I have decided to no longer list my age. What hasn't changed, however, is that I take a great interest in a number of different things. Such interests include: Weather, computers, photography, audio, sketching, and of course, fire alarms (well I didn't pick this domain name for no reason!).
As of this writing I have officially finished high school. There were good times and bad times, but I'm glad it is over because I never really took interest in school despite doing well. Since 2014, I have held a management position in the IT department of a local university. Again, there are days, but for the most part it is OK.

I have a personal "collection" of far too many computers, a mix of both PC and Macintosh. I have used versions of Windows dating from 1.01 to the latest Windows 8.1. On physical machines I have used DOS, Windows 1.01 (briefly), Windows 3.0 (forget most of that), Windows 3.1, Windows NT 4, 95, 98, ME (VERY briefly), 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. So basically everything since the dawn of Windows. In terms of Mac OS I haven't used anything later than 10.5 personally although it an 10.6 are practically identical from the surface. I own nothing later than a G4. While I have some Linux experience, I do not consider myself a "hacker" and most of my time with Linux has consisted of my swearing at it when something that should be simple is not so simple.

I run my own YouTube channel. I do not exercise coarse language in videos (unless absolutely warranted), and I have grown pretty good at self-censoring when I am in public. Once I am in a private situation that can become totally irrelevant and I would rather not discuss it further than that.
I am also a forebearer of very self-entitled opinions about things, I can tend to be "high-and-mighty" of myself at times despite me trying not to be such. While I do not bash things without due reason, I do bash alot of things, so keep that in mind when reading the pages that are scattered throughout the site.

I suppose that is just about enough information you need to know about myself. Enjoy the rest of the website! :-)

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